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Does it smell like fish?  No, there is not even a hint of fishiness with this product. Sky River Fish Compost has a pleasant organic fragrance, much the same as forest topsoil.

Why is it dark brown and not black?  Compost that is black derives its color from plant matter that contains chlorophyll, including green grass trimmings and leaves. Most people associate quality with color - "the darker the better". This is a very common mistake that is not supported by laboratory tests. Because we are committed to producing the highest quality compost possible, we have included no municipal wastes and, as a result, Sky River Fish Compost is dark brown and not black.

Will it be a consistent product?  Absolutely. The three components (horse manure, hem-fir sawdust, and fish) will be the only components used to make this product. By comparison, municipal green waste compost is seasonal and therefore not consistent - grass in the spring and leaves in the fall.

Is it a certified organic product?  No, it is not a certified organic product at this point in time. However, we are in the process of applying for OMRI Certification (Organic Materials Research Institute) and STA Certification (Seal of Testing Assurance through the US Composting Council). We expect to received both before the end of the year.

Do you have lab test results?  Yes. Click here to see the report from Wallace Labs:  

If I use fish compost, do I still need to fertilize my vegetable garden?  Yes. The nutrients that are present in any compost product will be utilized (and depleted) over time and, therefore, you will still need to fertilize your garden periodically throughout the growing season. We recommend using one or a variety of all-purpose fertilizers such as those offered by Walt's Organic Fertilizer in Seattle, Washington.

You can also replenish nutrients, organic matter, and beneficial micro-organisms in your soil with compost tea. This can be a simple extract (adding a scoop of compost to fresh water and allowing it to steep for 24 hours) or a brewed tea (using aeration to stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms). Small, medium and large scale tea brewers can be purchased through Compostwerks.

How is it for growing marijuana?  Amazing! We have worked with several growers in the Puget Sound Region and they have given it an A++ rating when they mix it in with their established soil blends at a rate of 20% - 25%. It is important to note that Sky River Fish Compost is a soil amendment, and not a growing media by itself.

Is it available in bulk as well as bags?  Sky River Fish Compost is available primarily in 1-cubic foot bags; however, large bulk orders will also be considered on a limited basis. To inquire, contact us at

If you have any additional questions, please ask them in the comment section on our Contact page.

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