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"My garden was included in the "Edmonds in Bloom" Garden Tour this year and it was a huge success, especially my new raised beds where we used your fish compost. Incredible results. Where can I buy some more?"
 ~ Cathy D.


"I live on Whidbey Island and I used the three bags of your fish compost that I bought from you at the Everett Farmer's Market. It's amazing stuff - I'm addicted."

~ Sandy N.


"Your fish compost works better than any other compost that I've ever used. My dahlias are lush with gorgeous blooms and my impatiens went bonkers."

~ Stella R.


"Your fish compost has been magical. The entire veggie garden has gone nuclear."

~ Wes D.


"THANK YOU very much for the free sample. We also ended up buying two large bags of your compost and boy are we glad we did. I've used it throughout my garden and I thank you very much and so do my plants. We look forward to purchasing more of your product in the future and I'm very glad that you let us know where we could get more. Keep up the good work ... SUPERIOR product, so much beteter than others that I have used previously. We hope to see your product in more stores."

~ The Bacon Family

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